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Jesper Jensen  and his daughter Belinda Willemer at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa in 2011

Our Mission

Our mission is to create awareness and ultimately see that justice is served and the mystery behind my fathers disappearance is solved.


Who was Jesper Jensen?

My father was born as Jorn Jesper Jensen but was better known by his family and friends as Jesper.

He was a quiet man who was very devoted to his late wife, two daughters and 4 grandchildren. He was best described as a "gentle giant", seeing as he was a whopping 6.3 with a heart of gold.

He arrived in Australia as a young man from Denmark  with only the shirt on his back and a few dollars in his pocket. He worked hard as a labourer to build a good life for his beautiful late wife Gerri and his two daughters. 

He was a good man of strong character!

Jesper Jensen in Hawaii

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So the more people that get on board the better chance we have of reaching that one person that can help us solve this mystery and get the closure we are desperately searching for and seek Justice 4 Jesper.

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Belinda & Darren  ✌❤

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The early days of Jesper and his beautiful late wife Gerri!